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2011-06-27 22:58:42 by VitranDango

I'll be putting music up here, take a listen if ya wanna.


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2011-07-03 02:23:29

Dude, I checked out your stuff. You're talking to a guy who's been around, from Jungle to old school trance, to fuck, everything. You are a monster.

Make your music. Make YOUR music. Not anyone elses. Keep it cheesy if you're cheesy, because the feeling that cheesy gives is like no other. It's an acquired taste, for sure, but one worth keeping instead of disposing for popularity.

Get a label. Indie, you know the genre better than I do. Send them your best stuff, and don't hold back. They'll know it's amatuer, but they'll know it's got a lot of potential. Do it. I want to buy your music, man (and I never buy music /download). You're getting top old to be sitting around, art-- not just music or literature-- is your calling. You'll be doing humanity itself a favour by letting out a few EP's.

DO IT. I don't care if I'm the only one telling you, do it because you want to.

Sure, it's not perfect nor is it polished to perfection, but let me tell you; when is it ever? When you hear the commercialized bullcrap come out, it sounds great. But when you hear REAL music from REAL people, it's unfiltered, raw. In a lot of ways, that's an important aspect of the music.

In any case, the polishing usually comes with the recording studio.

I want to see more, VitranDango. Not soon, I mean as soon as you read this.

VitranDango responds:

Hey, thanks! I appreciate that. Its very good to hear.

I don't know if there is a commercially viable way to distribute my music, other than an indie route, sure. My music is kindof trying to be "Dated" sounding, cause yeah, I basically try hard to give off that type of vibe. and yes, that cheese factor is definitely missing from commercial pop. No doubt about that. Somebody said my music is "Awfully Bad In A Good Way" haha.

I'm working on a EP as we speak, so expect it to be finished soon. I dropped the first song just recently. isten/436784

Also, if you do feel like buying a few tracks, and if you have a Amazon account, you can check out what I have available at

I don't have any physical album made, but I plan on getting to it eventually, and then maybe assemble something good enough to distribute to indie labels and such. Currently, I'm just looking for people to take this thing live, and thats been a pain in the ass in itself.

Thanks for the awesome words, I appreciate it alot, and I'm glad your digging what I'm doing!! Haha!

Take care, Quandry!