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2011-06-27 22:58:42 by VitranDango

I'll be putting music up here, take a listen if ya wanna.

A stupid post

2010-06-28 03:08:06 by VitranDango

I erased it. HAHA

Just in case your dropping by my profile to read some info about me. Yes, I make music. Its fun, and gives me something to enjoy. Its a hobby, and yes, I'd like to parlay that into a career.

I play fretless bass, bass, drums, guitar. But I seem to enjoy making techno tracks, and if it seems to work, I'd like to incorporate a natural element of organic instrumentation, but I find it difficult most times since I lean on the un-natural process a bit too much, and it makes it difficult to incorporate such sounds. I just have to focus heavily, and something may come about.

Also, I have a BUNCH more songs. Most of which involve me singing. Hell, thats why I play music so I can sing.

So check out the wider body of my work here:

I am a one-man band at the moment, yet I jammed with several people, but never made a musical connection. Rural living makes it difficult.

But nonetheless, I'd like to work with others and network. Make something cool via long distance collab. So if anybody's interested, write me a line.